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Salt Creek Cider House ciders are handcrafted, small batch ciders made with fruit from our orchard and local neighboring orchards in the fertile Willamette Valley. Similar to grapes, the apples and pears carry a special flavor based on the location, wind, water and soil; which we think makes our fruit and cider special. Our ciders are semi-dry to dry

      FREEDOM 7% ABV 

      This classic Apple Hard Cider is our version of how original hard cider was made by farmers; using their homestead orchards. This cider is a blend of apples from our 100 year old legacy orchard as well as foraged apples from our neighboring farmers homestead orchards. The varieties are varied; which makes each batch unique.  

      REBEL 7% ABV 

     Our flagship cider REBEL is a blend of Apples and Pears. Most ciders are just one or the other, but we like them together, so that's what we did. REBEL is inspired by our forefathers and pioneers of the west. It took great courage to create a new country and bravery to head west into the unknown. REBEL is the inspiration for the cidery. We felt a desire to connect with our roots and do our part to keep the American spirit alive.


     The prettiest of all the ciders blends heirloom apples, pears and Oregon blackberries and marionberries. This dusty rose color cider is sure to make you fall in love... again and again.

      WILD  7% ABV

      Apple + Cherry are bound to induce wildness in your mouth.  Apple, pear and cherry make this spunky Cider a namesake on our farm.

      PIONEER 7.0% ABV (seasonal)

      Made with locally grown pears and our very own homestead pears. This Perry is as fine as any great sparkling wine, bold and smooth, pure beauty.

      BRAVE 8.0% ABV (seasonal)

      This brave cider starts with our Freedom apple hard cider and is aged in whiskey barrels for up to three months. 

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