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At Salt Creek Cider House we believe in reviving the American tradition of making hard cider right on the farm. When water was scarce or scary to drink; cider was the beverage of choice. Many of us are looking for ways to reconnect to our heritage, our traditions, our community and our food. We believe in getting back to the land by growing our roots in fruit.

At Salt Creek Cider House we believe in orchard fresh hard cider. We make small batch hand-crafted hard cider made from fruit on our farm as well as neighboring orchards and northwest juice. Our ciders are not sweet, they are semi-dry. 

At Salt Creek Cider House we are focused on family. This land is a second-generation orchard and our dream is to create a third-generation business. This is a family business owned and operated by husband and wife, Carter and Lindy Rickert. Two children were born into the farm and a desire was created to do something with the land.

Salt Creek Cider House is a place to reconnect; whether its with nature, family or friends. 

Cheers and welcome! 

Rickert Family 



NOW OPEN! Monday - Sunday 11am-6pm


The Cider House is a homestead property with a large barn for producing cider and cider tastings. We also have a 1903 farmhouse on the property where our family currently resides. The front lawn and legacy orchard are a beautiful place to picnic and try our orchard fresh hard cider!   


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